Facebook Pro is an application that you can use the browser not onlyfunctionis your favorite social networks. Requireinstallation not, and there is no choice.

In the Facebook application

Facebook Pro after launch, the application will immediatelyload main circuit facebook. the user experience is what you want: ine and you can make your wall, send private messages, update your status and change your account settings, such as Facebook function.

malangnyaprogramdoesn’tnew features, including special addany optionsor thatimprove social network availability.


As an application of Facebook Pro icon dock Windowstaskbar pool. This means thatyou can provide up even opening your browser if you are not a classic.

It’s not exactly a lot

If you always want the existing Facebook and hands, then Facebook Pro is the program for you.

LeiderEs there is no great claim to fame: launchestheperisian social networksonly one window, and nothing else. In addition, many ofresources use; Test, 130MB of RAM, which occupies much istoo limitedapp among others, a.

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